How can I use Clipster for my video content?

With Clipster you can create impressive and engaging online video experiences fast! Get inspired by some of these examples, which are all based on ready-to-go Clipster templates. It's easy, it's fast!

Corporate Channel

Showcase corporate video content in your own customized video channel. Add branding and social options to make the experience consistent across all your marketing efforts.

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Connect with your audience using video optimized completions. These help you to maximize engagement with your video content.

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Product Launch

Are you launching a new product or service? A video channel optimized for product information presentation, will help you get your new message across unlike anything else.

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Brand Channel

Use the power of video to showcase your brand using a branded video channel. Use calls-to-action and social elements tot engage and convert your audience.

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Connect with your followers. Update your vlogger channel with videos, while engaging with your fans using social channels, promotions and much more! Create conversions using CTA’s and Forms.

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