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Clipster is an extremely flexible yet easy-to-use video marketing SaaS for the creation and management of stand-alone online video channels. You decide how to use this video channel to your advantage, as a video portal, video landing page, video hub, or distribution channel, all on your own custom domain.

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Clipster is scalable, to offer you a way to control your video environment in your own way. Depending on your goals, we’ll present the proper mix of tools, so that you have a tailored solution fitting to your exact needs. 

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Key benefits

Clipster saves time, money & effort, but retains your creative freedom. You are put in control over your video content with a easy-to-use and very flexible software. Discover more benefits right here. 

  • Extremely flexible solution

  • You are in full control

  • Full creative freedom

  • Tailored for optimal video engagement

  • Clipster helps you out

  • Cost effective

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In the Q&A beneath you will find an answer to the most common questions. Not finding your answer? Just give us a call!

Your channel is hosted on a high end and secure cloud based platform. 

As you control your channel, you have the freedom to position it everywhere it suits you best. Whether it’s part of your main website, an independent video channel or even a campaign website. It is the sport where the traffic from other channels (YouTube, Facebook, Google Ads etc.) is directed to and you can set up your funnel to lead them to the all-important conversion.

No, there are plenty of fantastic video hosting platforms, and we rather focus on the environment. We integrate with these video hosting platforms, so you can fully utilize the functionalities from your video from your preferred source. You can use videos from multiple video sources, for example YouTube, but we can also integrate your own preferred video hosting platform. And you can use them all at the same time.

Clipster is a no-code drag-and-drop channel creator. You can build from scratch or use one of the templates we’ve already created for you. You have your own asset library where you upload your brand assets, and you manage all your videos from this place as well. You can read more about these topics on the ‘creation’ page and the ‘management’ page.

Of course! Mobile is our beating heart. It’s fully responsive, and you can even create from a mobile first perspective.

Our Story

We believe online videos and their owners need more freedom on the web. Freedom for video owners to be creative, for marketers to be effective and for online video content to be amazing. That’s why we created Clipster.

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Trusted all over the world

Trusted all over the world