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With Clipster, brands create & manage unique brand owned online video channels, called video hubs.

It’s where online video is placed in a contextual & engaging environment, where brands are able to differentiate with their own branding and where they launch the most creative & effective campaigns.

There is no distraction from other content and every bit of content is on point. Brands have the full ownership and are therefore able to control customer journeys, creative output, how to interact with visitors and where, when & how to convert them into customers.

The video hub is an effective and engaging experience for your visitors where video itself creates a memorable impact.


The key values of our software

Optimal Video Engagement

Effortless Hub Creation

Smooth Hub Management


Optimal Video Engagement

Our software is created for one purpose: to help brands maximize the impact and effectiveness with online video engagement. The tools and components used in the software are focused on delivering the most compelling and effective video experiences with the highest video engagement.


Video Driven Events

Specific moments in a video can trigger any chosen element (from simple text to entire components) in the environment to appear, disappear or animate in a certain way. Visit demo channel
Optimal video engagement

E-commerce events

Create the most natural video shopping experience for your audience by using E-commerce events. Seduce visitors at the most relevant moments to boost conversions.

Social engagement

Start cross-platform conversations with your audience on your video hub for maximum engagement using social conversation tools or showing social feeds.

Blog component

Have visitors keep coming back with the blog component. Create blog posts with your own unique mix of images, text, videos and Instagram posts.

Optimal video engagement 2

Cover flow

Show videos in your own customized video carousel.


Seduce visitors to come back by counting down to a specific release or live show.

Google maps

Create pins to display videos or other information on a map.



Create a seamless experience across all devices.


Personalize the video viewing experience by offering your visitor localized content.

Effortless Hub Creation

Effortless video hub creation and groundbreaking freedom; the Hub Studio delivers both. Brands create their own unique video hubs with full creative freedom and endless possibilities, but still have the time-efficiency because of the easy-to-use drag & drop software.

No coding required

No Coding

No coding is required because of the easy to use drag and drop software. The drag and drop components with tons of editing options in Clipster’s ‘best in the industry’ editor helps you create the most compelling designs.

Full Creative Freedom

The software gives video hub creators the full creative freedom.
Full creative freedom
Asset manager

Asset Manager

Clipster gives you a clear overview of all your assets used during the design process. The ability to categorize, filter and search makes sure you will always quickly find the right images and videos.

Cost Effective

There's no need for custom development with already best tools for video engagement in hand. Also, the easy to use drag & drop software saves time and therefore saves money.
Cost effective

Smooth Hub Management

The Hub Manager makes sure you have the proper set of tools in hand to smoothly & intuitively control and manage your video hub(s). Plan ahead with the scheduling tool, look back on your performance in analytics and collaborate with other team members to effectively adapt, evolve and mature your video hub.

Scheduling tool

From the simplest changes to entire campaigns: plan everything ahead with the scheduling tool. Save pages for later, make backups and schedule releases.

Granular user rights management

Allocate specific user rights to manage a team of video hub creators working on your brands channel(s), campaigns and/or language versions.

Country / Language combinations

Offer localized content to your audience. Set up country/language combinations to quickly adapt anything in your environment to match a specific region or language.


Clipster provides in-depth information on the performance of your video hub through the connection with Google Analytics.

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