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Clipster, the complete solution for brands and agencies to create, manage & monitor compelling and effective custom gadgets for YouTube brand channels to maximize their video marketing efforts.

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The rise of custom YouTube channel gadgets

The Top 200 leading brands are proving the effectiveness of YouTube as a critical part of their marketing and business strategy.

Already 15% of them make use of gadgets on their YouTube brand channels. This shows that top marketers have a keen awareness of their strongest channels and are working to optimize the branding and user experience.

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  • Create, manage & monitor custom YouTube gadgets with Clipster
  • Change the gadget anytime & as often as you like
  • Maximize branding with groundbreaking creative freedom
  • Increase watch time, video views, conversions & subscriptions
  • Start conversations with your audience for maximum engagement
  • Quick to launch without the need of coding (Cut IT costs)
  • In-depth Analytics allow you to adapt to trends quickly
  • Run multi-channel campaigns (YouTube, Facebook, website)

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